Immortal Romance Slot - Review of the Game Modes and Bonuses

Do you love the dark and the vampires and everything Gothic and supernatural? Do you also love romantic theme-based online games? Want to make some extra money while also having fun in a Gothic atmosphere reminiscent of the likes of Dracula? Then, the Immortal Romance Slot Machine game has just the music score and the theme of a gothic atmosphere to captivate and entrance you with the introduction of a love story as you wager your money and win big. There are various ways to win via the Wilds, Chamber of spins, and other free spins. It has quite a good RTP and is available both for free as demos and for real money.

The Main Features of the Slot

The Immortal Romance casino has various exciting features which can be grouped as technical, bonus and thematic features as per the Immortal Romance slot review.

Technically, the Immortal Romance slot game has 5 reels and 3 rows and thereby encompasses 243 combinations which would make one win. This concept is a trademark feature of Immortal Romance Microgaming. Three symbols are to be lined up from any spot on adjacent reels from left to right to get an Immortal Romance big win. However, you put your bet on fixed paylines which in turn follow a very strict pattern. The minimum wager one can put to the Immortal Romance Slots UK is an amount of 0.30 pounds and the maximum is that of 30 pounds which is quite a diverse range. This makes the slot one of medium variance which might enable you to win at the most 12150 times of your initial bet per spin. The Immortal Romance slot RTP is quite good which is 96.8%. What this means is for every 100 pounds you put on a bet, you have a chance to win 96.86 pounds. The rest goes to Immortal Romance online casino.

Under the Bonus feature of Immortal Romance Casino, there are basically two important features which are the Wild Desire Feature and the Chamber of Spins Feature. For the wild desire of Immortal Romance slot online, the game’s logo when it appears once is an incredible affair. This replaces every other symbol and scatters and increases your payout twice the initial sum because it is the game’s chief wild symbol. A maximum of 5 reels can get converted into wilds. This again leads to a chain of other wins. The Chamber of Spins, as already discussed, is the most exciting feature. It gets automatically activated if you get hold of a minimum of 3 Lion Door scatters on adjacent reels. It is a tunnel that opens scope for so many other Immortal Romance free spins of Immortal Romance free slot like the Amber, Troy, Michael, and Sarah.

For the romance and the theme of the Immortal Romance slot sites, it is again very innovative with background music encompassing the Immortal romance soundtrack and graphics. Microgaming is extremely popular for churning slots with the greatest potential and perfection. Immortal Romance online too stands the test. An oblique look at the structure of the casino Immortal Romance will ensure one that the game is primarily about vampires, has a very gothic theme which is followed by the slot figures as visible on the reels. The gameplay Immortal Romance is made very enthralling by the virtual presence of blood, roses, and an overall grotesque backdrop. Moreover, Immortal Romance online casino has one amazing sound score. The Immortal romance song is almost powerful enough to fall in love while you are at the slot Immortal romance and if you don’t undergo such an experience, then your heart will certainly be comforted instead of being broken. That is the amazing power of Immortal Romance slot music. It is not 3D but the animation of the constituent characters is done fantastically. The technical details add on to the fact that Immortal Romance online slot is one of the best slots that Microgaming has ever made.

Best Bonuses for Immortal Romance

Along with the Chamber of spins and Wilds, and the immortal romance books, the slot game has four other exciting kinds of free spins which to talk about now. These are:

This can be initiated during any ongoing round of the Chamber of Spins. This feature will automatically give you 10 free spins and not just that, all your wins get increased by 5 times. If you can line up at least 3 scatter symbols, you have the chance to get more free spins. These continue to come till all are used up.

To trigger this on, you have to turn on the game for a chamber bonus a minimum of 5 times beforehand. You will receive 15 free spins along with the feature of the Vampire Bats. This feature allows conversion of normal symbols to multipliers- X2, X3 and if 2 such symbols are lined, they can turn on a X6 multiplier.

You can only avail of this if you have visited the chamber at least 15 times. You get as much as 25 free spins via this as well as the feature of Wild Vine which randomly transforms symbols into wilds. There can be further spins with proper lining up of scatter symbols. This definitely gives an immortal romance slot big win. These are the various ways that might turn on your luck during immortal creatures casino and you end up having an immortal romance slot gold status. 

When this gets triggered, you get 20 free spins in addition to Rolling Reels. If you win consecutively, your multiplier gets elevated to X5 from being X2. However, you can only activate this bonus if you have at least visited the Chamber 10 times.


You can find the most common questions about Immortal Romance slot here.

What is the biggest jackpot won in Immortal Romance?

The Immortal Romance Mega Moolah progressive jackpot increasing the payout by 12000 times is the biggest one.

Does Immortal Romance offer free spins?

Yes, Immortal Romance slots offer different free spins. Amber bonus gives 10 free spins, Troy bonus gives 15 free spins, Michael bonus gives 20 free spins, and Sarah bonus gives as much as 25 free spins. That's a hell lot!

Is it possible to play Immortal Romance from a mobile?

Yes, it is absolutely possible to play immortal romance from a mobile. There are various online casino sites where you can play it from a mobile.